The Nitrile Glove Shortage: By the Numbers


The global demand for nitrile gloves has reached 585 billion this year according to the Health Industry Distributors Association, but manufacturers are only able to produce 370 billion at current levels. Furthermore, the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) only has a low supply of gloves, in comparison to their supply targets. The Health and Human Services wanted to store 4.5 billion gloves, but only had 179 million pairs of gloves in the SNS as of late November, according to White House reports. 


The demand for gloves here in America is greater than the unsteady supply. Annually, the Department of Veterans Affairs needs 2 Billion boxes, Department of Health and Human Services needs 4.5 Billion boxes, and Department of Defense needs 1 Billion. The continued need for disposable nitrile gloves in the medical and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, and oil in gas industries drive the high demand for nitrile gloves. As you can see, the shortage of nitrile gloves is in the billions with the healthcare industry being hit the hardest. 



2.         Market Trends & Drivers


  • The glove shortage expanded as a global issue when the world’s largest glove supplier, Top Glove in Malaysia, announced, late November 2020, that it will be closing down 16 locations due to a COVID-19 outbreak. More than 2,000 employees tested positive in their manufacturing sites, forcing the company to shut down 28 of their factories. 


  • Top Glove accounts for 60% of the global exports of gloves. Top Glove reports that they are seeing their orders as high as 11 to 12 billion per month compared to about 4.5 billion prior to the pandemic. 


  • The U.S. banned importing gloves from two subsidiaries of the world's largest glove manufacturer, citing forced labor concerns. The company has also been known to take part in forced labor practices with their employees experiencing lack of ventilation, exposure to dangerous chemicals as well as physical abuses from their employers. The list of concerns outlined by the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol agency included excessive overtime, debt bondage and abusive working and living conditions, as well as the withholding of identification documents.


  • Focus on Hand Hygiene to Curb Rising Incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections Propels Market Growth


  • Leading Nosocomial Infections in the US: Percentage Breakdown of Healthcare Cost from Leading Five Infections


  • Rise in Number of Diagnostic Laboratories Spurs Demand for Medical Gloves


  • Growth in the Food Processing Sector and Emphasis on Food Safety Augurs Well for Nitrile Gloves Market


  • Global Sales of Processed Foods in US$ Trillion: 2014-2024

  • Rising Importance of Hand Protection Supports Demand for Protective Gloves in the Industrial Sector


  • Untapped Potential in Asia as Measured by Lower Per Capita Glove Usage, Throws the Region into the Spotlight as the Focal Point for Future Growth in the Protective Gloves Market: Per Capita Glove Usage (In Pcs) by Select Country/Region


  • Industry Witnessed Increased Demand for Nitrile Gloves That Will Increase Due To World Governments Stockpiling.


Nitrile gloves

In order to capture more U.S. domestic market share, the company will take a rapid expansion of its 54-line capacity over the next five years. The company is also planning additional manufacturing facilities to be located in Texas, and Nevada to increase from 54-lines to 225-lines by 2023. We estimate that the company will represent approximately 10% percent of market share in the United States. The U.S. Administration has mandated 2000 new nitrile production lines to be built and commissioned by 2023 to keep national stockpiles readily available. 


Our vision is to strive to be the America’s leading manufacturer with excellent quality glove products that enrich and protect human lives. Our mission statement is: To be America’s world- class glove manufacturer providing top quality product with excellent services through continuous improvement and innovation. The company shall offer several types of gloves such as powder-free, non-sterile medical examination gloves, nitrile chemotherapy medical gloves, nitrile chemical decontamination gloves, sterile surgical gloves, general purpose glove and others. 



Blueberry N-TECH® Manufacturing Inc. is in business to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of nitrile gloves. We are in the industry to maximize profits and we are going to go all the way out to ensure that we achieve our business goals and objectives. Blueberry N-TECH® Manufacturing Inc. will generate income by selling the following products.


Blueberry N-TECH® Nitrile Exam Glove Portfolio:


  • General Use Nitrile 3.5 mil 

  • General Use Nitrile 4.5 mil Extra Protection

  • Chemotherapy Chemical Protection Nitrile 6.9 mil (Extended 11.5")

  • Chemical Protection Handling 7.1 mil (Extended 12")

  • Sterile (By Pairs) Nitrile 6.5 mil (Sterile Surgical Procedures)

  • Decontamination Use (Private & Military) Nitrile 11.0 mil.


Blueberry N-TECH® Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves will be produced with superior barrier protection which will comply with the following FDA regulations for the healthcare and food service industries: 177.2600 for food contact, 800.20 and 880.6250 for patient examination gloves. Blueberry N-TECH® Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves will provide superior tactile sensitivity with lightness of fit, reduced hand fatigue, and excellent barrier protection from blood borne pathogens. They will offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, oils, and temperature extremes when compared to latex or vinyl gloves.



Market overview

The "Nitrile Gloves - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics" by


“As the most favored glove material among healthcare workers, Nitrile Gloves are projected to reach a market size US$66.8 billion by 2027, driven largely by the novel corona virus spreading rapidly across the globe.


Shortage of gloves as the current pandemic rages on is pushing up demand for gloves sky high and because of its heavy-duty protection, nitrile gloves are fast becoming the ideal protective gear to survive the pandemic. By far the worst and the most deadly pandemic in recent history with death tolls surpassing that of MERS (850) and SARS (770), consumers are rushing to pharmacies to buy protective gloves.”



“Market To Grow from 7.52B (2020) To $66.8B USD by 2027” – Businesswire.

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