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A Critical Path Method (CPM) project schedule defines the process and establishes a timeline to be followed in delivering the project. Avoiding schedule slippage is a key objective of schedule management. Ateliers comprehensive project schedules will identify all of the project's stages, phases, and activities assigned to each team member mapping them to a timeline that measures key milestones (dates) that are used to keep track of work progress.

Atelier’s expert schedule management interfaces directly with scope, cost, and quality management when team member roles and activities are defined, coordinated, and continually monitored. Whether as a contractual requirement or a management tool, an updated and accurate schedule helps control resources, increase the accuracy of schedule projections, and deliver early warnings for potential problems. Our scheduling professionals specialize in CPM project scheduling, with an emphasis on avoiding and/or minimizing delay claims. Whether you require a detailed project schedule, are looking to assemble a master plan or simply would like feedback on an existing schedule, Atelier can develop a solution to meet your project's resources and requirements.

Third Party Scheduling

As an outside consultant to your project team, Atelier's Third Party Scheduling services can provide valuable insight to and management of your project's most valuable toolits schedule. Working as a team with all project representatives, Atelier utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling techniques to:

•Develop and define a baseline schedule

•Incorporate critical elements of the project i.e.-resources, manpower and cost

•Monitor and maintain the project schedule

Our independent schedule management can provide a more accurate projection by assessing each phase individually and collectively. Additionally, by defining relationships between various work plans and by compiling a comprehensive project schedule, conflicts can be quickly remedied, ensuring the integrity of the overall project goals. The master schedule also proves valuable in that it can illustrate the global effect of a sole incident and address consequent impacts on each phase, trade, and action item.

Schedule Review

Even if your project schedule has already been developed, Atelier's scheduling experts can work with your project team to provide additional scheduling assistance. Our constructive analysis, based upon critical path sequencing, can identify potential concerns and provide commentary on scheduling issues including: material allocation, manpower distribution, resource management, and cashflow. We can also supplement your project team by providing services, as-needed, including:


•Bid process evaluation and estimates

•Coordination of schedule update meetings

•Earned Value analysis

•Schedule crashing studies

•Evaluation of project status with relation to the updated schedule

•Preparation of schedule narratives

•Analysis of "what if" scenarios for change order impacts

•Negotiation of time extensions

By providing you with on-demand services to meet your scheduling needs, Atelier not only helps your bottom line, but also eases the burden on your staff so that they can remain focused on the performance of your project.

Master Schedule Management

For Clients looking for higher level oversight on large-scale projects, Atelier offers Master Schedule Management services. Our scheduling and engineering professionals work from a global perspective on project progress coordinating contractor, design, and consultant schedules to provide our Clients with accurate "big picture" information.

Unlike project schedules, integrated master schedules operate in coordination with the master plan to aid the program manager and Owner in identifying and understanding the inter-relationships between the various project teams, and when applicable, the various segments of the project.

In addition, a master schedule can also:

•Provide greater control in multi-prime situations

•Develop milestones that integrate with a master plan

•Provide for enhanced risk management

•Demonstrate potential coordination issues

•Illustrate global impacts of localized problems

By working directly with your project team, Atelier offers you both the focus and the broad perspective you need to realize the master plan.

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