Real Estate Development, Advisory & Investments

Atelier's expertise in real estate development, advisory, and investments combine to provide a robust portfolio for our stakeholders and partners around the world in hospitality, luxury residential, and commercial properties. Atelier's real estate development and risk management is delivered by our professional, multi-disciplinary team with extensive knowledge of each sector. 

We provide our investors and partners with timely, accurate and insightful real estate information and analysis. Establishing a deal and performing due diligence is just the start of our process. Atelier actively identifies emerging risks and opportunities, formulates & refines investment and development strategies, benchmark asset performance, and compares & contrasts the real estate market.

We take advantage of unique opportunities to make asset acquisitions that will be a good strategic fit. From underperforming assets, to those in distress, Atelier's Special Situations team will work alongside management, stakeholders and lenders to help make real improvements to cash flow, profit & loss and the balance sheet. We take a hands-on approach to stabilizing an asset and identify the best sustainable changes to the investment strategy. 


Atelier Real Estate Partners LLC

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